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The modern emblem
It was confirmed in August, 20th, 1998 by the decision of III city council session.
Azure; hammer and wrench sable in saltire. Between them is retort argent. Over all is emblem of Katerynoslavs'ka railway with two wings argent on sides. In base are two hill vert. On sides and below shield is enframed by argent-black border. On chief gules are three acorns or. The shield is enframed by an argent cartouche and crowned by gules urban crown with three prongs.


A sign of Katerynoslavs'ka railway (crossed anchor and wrench) symbolizes a foundation of populated locality in tie with building of railway. Two argent wings, part of emblem of railways, together with wheel are moving symbol. Crossed hammer and wrench symbolize repair business. A retort of lamp-chimney is symbol of glass business. Two vert hill designate pastures plenty, where from and happened city appellation, and also city disposition on two hills. An azure semicircular edge symbolizes a presence of much ponds on city territory. The or acorns signify a presence of old oak groves, symbolize force, and in combination with gules chief symbolize battle and labour exploits. Crown stone with three prongs is city symbol (urban crown). Argent cartouche is decorative shield decoration. A striped sable-argent border is symbol of railway, which surrounds by horseshoe a city Popasna.


A basic coat of arms element is shield of spanish form, rounded downward. Basic shield proportions are 7:8 (h). A radius of lower rounding equals to 3,5. A shield of azure colour is parted in overhead part by gules chief in height of 2 units. On chief are 3 or acorn with sides ratio 0,75:1,5 on distance 1,25 one from another. On base are three hills (2+1), two vert above and one azure down. A lower hill seen out by radius 1,25 units from lower shield point. Lateral have radius 1,25 units from intersections of lower hill and big shield. A sign of Katerynoslavs'ka railway accommodated in shield middle on distance 2,75 from lower shield point and equal to 2 units in diameter. The sign elements - anchor 1:1,25 (h) and wrench 0,25:1,25 (h), are crossed with turning in relation to wrench on 45 degrees. Silver lateral wings (1,25:2,25 units) are divided into three horizontal stripes in height 0,2 units. Black hammer (1:3,5) and black wrench (1:3,5) situated under corner 30 of degrees under of sign of Katerynoslavs'ka railway. Argent retort with length 3,5 units with bulge in 1 unit and narrow in 0,5 unit situated vertically after all of figures, uniting in lower part with lateral vert hills. On sides and below shield has border bin 0,2 units with sable-argent stripes in 1 unit. Shield has argent cartouche of original form (9,5:10 (h)) with gules brick crown with three prongs (2,25:5) with or seams. Representation of crown, cartouche, central coat of arms elements and acorns make in accordance with coat of arms original, which kepts in Popasna city council.
The authors are O.Zhytnychenko, A.Zakorets'kyi.
Image on site V.Napytkin.

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