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The modern emblem
It was confirmed in September, 9th, 1998 by the decision of V region council session.
Or; round vert with base azure. In top part of in is fire gules above wall and church argent with cupola or. On the base is barrel brown. Above it is bridge argent. In the canton brown is letter "C" or accompained by eight stars or. The shield is placed above picks in cross and accompanied by blue-and-yellow strip with text "Kaminnyi Brid".
1. Flame is the symbol of human life and commercial productions. The activity of the industrial enterprises gives life to region. On this union is created both economy, and health of the people.
2. Church is the symbol of spirit, goods, justice, peace and eternal lasting values.
3. Barrel is the symbol of fun and human desires. Embodies in itself skill to create holidays and to have fun including to drink.
4. Bridge is ferry and connecting element. It's linking Kamyanyi Brid with Luhans’k.
5. Peak is the instrument of a transactions.
6. Peak is the weapon of cossacs who founded the city.
7. Letter "С" in an environment of eight four-final stars is symbol of the present administrative system of region. "С" of departure, council and self-management. Eight stars mean territories of committees.
8. Yellow-blue strip is the symbol of Ukraine.
9. Board is the ancient heraldry symbol. It meant security of city from external enemies.
10. The circle is the numeral of eternity.
11. Vert is the colour of the nature and life.
12. Azure is the colour of water. It symbolize the river given began region and Luhans'k city.
13. Yellow field is the hum noise of the coat of arms. It is the colour of stone, from which and on which the city was constructed.
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