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The modern emblem
It was confirmed in July, 23d, 2004 by the decision of region council session.
Azure; on three heraldic hills argent is eagle or with open wings and tongue gules, in the dexter part is branch of a yew or with berries gules, in the sinister is cone or, over it are Huzul socket or (sun sign) among two eight-beam stars argent.
Supporters: two lions or with axe.
The shield is crowned by region crown or. Under the board is an tape azure with inscription "Kolomyis'kyi region" or.
The eagle personifies force to spirit, backbone and pride of local residents. Heraldic hills underline mountain character of territory. The Huzul socket symbolises ethnographic Gutsulschyna. Two stars personify a constancy, the branch of a yew and a cone characterise local features and agrarian specificity of region.
In the large arms lions with axes designate historical strategic meaning of the region which inhabitants protected Halychyna lands from enemy attacks, and also role of region in processes of national revival.
Image on site V.Napytkin.

Україна: герби та прапори / авт. проекту та упор. : В.Г. Кисляк, О.А. Нескоромний. – К. : Парламентське вид-во. 2010. – 456 с. : ілюст. – укр., рос., анг.  See

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