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The modern emblem
It was confirmed in February, 21st, 2002 by the decision of oblast' council session.
Spanish azure with border gules; anchor argent. The central figure on the upper bordure is sheaf or, six anchors or go along, in the bottom center is bunch of grapes. Around the shield is placed wreath of ears or, twisted vine. Around of a board is placed or wreath with ears and grape.
The anchor symbolizes hope and rescue. The anchors on a border symbolize sea and military meaning. Seven anchors mean quantities of oblast' ports. The sheaf of bread symbolizes riches and unity of the people. A sheaf is an arable farming mark and means steppe part of the Odes'ka oblast' (old Balta arm is or sheaf on azure field). Grape symbolizes fertility. The symbol displays a southern part of area (Bilhorod arm is grape in a gules field).
The authors are P.V.Bondarenko, M.V.Murmanov.
The artists are H.S.Fayer, L.L.Mostova.
Image on site V.Napytkin.

Україна: герби та прапори / авт. проекту та упор. : В.Г. Кисляк, О.А. Нескоромний. – К. : Парламентське вид-во. 2010. – 456 с. : ілюст. – укр., рос., анг.  See

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