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Microsystem WEB-design department
Short resume about MS WEB-design department

MS WEB-design department is a young and dynamic offshore software development department of the joint-stock company MicroSystem ( located in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine. In just two years MS WEB-design department has developed strong business relationships with a number of Western companies.
MS WEB-design department's current goal is to continue building our reputation to the point where businesses come to us because of our reputation for superior quality product and service.

Offshore software development

We can sum up the advantages of offshore programming in one sentence: MS WEB-design department can provide you with a better product at a substantially lower cost!
Our Ukraine location provides us with a rich pool of technical talent and low-cost environment for operating overhead and salaries. These two factors allow us to deliver the highest quality software at the lowest possible prices, while Internet allows us to communicate with your staff as easily as if we were in the next room.

Areas of Competence
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Page Design
  • Banner and Animated GIF Design
  • Web Server Applications Design (PHP and CGI Scripts)
  • Web Database Applications Design (MySQL)
  • Image Processing (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw)
  • Non-linear Digital Video Editing (Adobe Premier, Ulead)
  • Windows 16-bit and 32-bit application programming (Delphi, C++)
  • DOS and Windows Database Design (SQL, Access, FoxPro, Informix, Oracle)
  • Russian<=>Ukrainian<=>English text translation
Quality Assurance

MS WEB-design department's current goal is to continue building our reputation to the point where businesses come to us because of our reputation for superior quality product and service. As a customer of MS WEB-design department you can expect the quality of our programming to be the foundation of our long term relationship. We have been working two years or more with several clients.

How and How Much

Once you have decided to consider MS WEB-design department for contract work, the next steps are simple enough:
Step 1. Let us know what kind of work you are interested in having us do (i.e. Web design or CGI programming etc.). We will then send you samples of our previous work in this area.
Step 2. After you have examined our work, we will request to work on a short pilot project (for example, animated banner). This will be a very reasonably priced short term project that will prove we are capable of satisfying your programming needs. Our experience has shown this step to be instrumental in building the foundations of a strong, professional and lasting business relationship.
Step 3. You and Microsystem will sign the Contract to performance WEB-design services.

Our Projects
Here is the list of some our projects. The site of Ukrainian Heraldry The site of the Emblems of Ukrainian Troops Slavuta city Khmelnitsky University of Economics "Oasis mall", Khmelnitsky Manufacturer of magnetic stickers (US) Sanatorium "Pearl of Podillya" Portal of bids enterprises of Ukraine and CIS countries

Contact Information
Contact person: Leschenko Valerij, Chief of Department
phone/fax: +380-382-764-056, +380-3822-61-045
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