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The emblem of President
It was confirmed in August, 9th, 1999.
Per fess by Azure and Or. Lion variable tinctures going on back paws, reinforced by Gules, keeping in front paws the State Emblem of Ukraine – trident Or in pentagonal field board Azure with bordure Or. The shield is crowned by Ukrainian administrative crown Or, above it a knightly helmet. The crest: on dichromatic wreath (Azure and Or) retiring lion Or, reinforced by Gules, keeping in front paws an argent trident. Mantle is gules, fured by or. The tenants: two Chernihiv's eagles Sable, reinforced by Or with tongues Gules. The motto is: RE, NON VERBIS - "by business, not by the words.

The coat of arms is fulfilled according to the international rules of classical heraldry. The basis of the coat of arms is constituted by a board of the standard form traditionally accepted in the Ukrainian heraldry. In a board are represented heraldry and subordinary figures describing the professional side of activity, individual qualities, patrimonial roots.
The board has two-private horizontal division, from which top - azure (light-blue) colour, and lower - or (yellow). Azure field of a board symbolizes clearness and greatness of particular acts of owner. The or field on heraldry canons characters of equity, mercy, magnanimity, persistence, force and fidelity - qualities of character, which has owner. The combination of these two tinctures will derivate colours of a national Flag of Ukraine, in which was born owner, where he lives now and in which takes the highest state post - President of Republic.
Main figure of a board is the loin - the character of bravery, fearlessness and maximum power; he also personifies fever, brightness and force of the midday Sun, magnificence, force and stability, equity and law. The lion speaks that indeed courageous and reasonable, he always cares of an occurring with the enemies and, due to the foresight, is better cognizant on dangers, outgoing from them, and is always ready to mirror any assault. Lion, besides is the zodiacal character of the "Lion" sign, under which was born owner, and also him character: "Leonid" in translation with Greek - "similar to lion". Besides for a name Leonid: the patron of a name is lion, zodiac of a name - lion, colour of a name - or, planet (star) - sun.
Lion in front paws keeps a board with the State Emblem of Ukraine. In the given composition the main ideological premeditation of the coat of arms is concluded: owner is the reliable indemnitor of a statehood of Ukraine. A brush of a lion's tail also derivates the beam character of Ukraine - trident.
The professional crown on a board mirrors an owner's accessory to the administrative workers of maximum echelons of power. The crown is decorated by jewels - brilliant and amber - appropriate to the sign of the Zodiac "Lion", under which owner was born. A brilliant - processed diamond - means virtue, bravery and victory, it brings good luck in all businesses, guards from illnesses and wounds, adds boldness and bravery in fight, protects from malicious sorcery, provides health and long life, tames fury, adds reliance and force. To amber from an antiquity the miracle force of treatment of all illnesses is assigned, it has property to console the people, maintains of optimism, magnifies intuition, helps to make correct choice.
Above the crown is disposed the knightly helmet, on which are placed wreath (harness from two multi-coloured tissues), mantle (picturesque vegetative dichromatic ornamental pattern which falls till both sides from a helmet, pre-image of a knightly raincoat) and crest (figure on a helmet). Wreath and mantle are painted in colours dominating in a stamp board, in this case - in azure and or, that again will derivate colours of a national Flag of Ukraine. Crest - retiring standard lion's figure with a trident - traditional rule of repetition of main stamp composition above a helmet.
The tenants are two sable eagles with one head each. An aspect angle of wings, turn of heads and colour of eagles are taken from the historical coat of arms of Chernihiv region where owner was born. Usage of figures "Chernihiv" eagles in quality of tenant's and disposition them on bottom as ground is mirroring nonseparable link owner with native ground, by care of it and support with ground side.
The motto - RE, NON VERBIS - "by business, instead of words" - speaks that owner prefers to substantiate the activity with the concrete fulfilled businesses, rather than empty words. It also mirrors utter devotion of owner to the business, purposefulness in solution of the auxiliary and vital tasks, tendency to benefit the people.
The author is I.Smetannikov.
The artist is Yu.Abaturov.
Image on site V.Napytkin.

Сметанников И.С. На западе нормальная погода // Гербовед. - 2000. - № 45 - С. 128-157.  See

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